Green-Ear Features

Green-Ear SDK

Text Chat

Type your chat, reply in your own time. Text provides the ultimate anonymity. Now
no one will ever know that ’playrh8tr’ is actually your grandma.

Voice Chat

Free up your hands for more game play while you chat with friends using your own

Voice Fonts

For those times you just don’t feel like yourself and you can free up your hands
for more game action. Disguise your voice and get your game on.


For when you still want to engage in a conversation but need to keep it on the down
low…Type anything, have it convert to a voice message in a variety of voices! Leave
them a voice message or have a text-to–voice chat if you are otherwise occupied-
ie at work, while your wife is asleep next to you, even while you are playing secretly
in your parents’ basement after bedtime. Plus it’s just plain fun.

In-Game Controls

Green-Ear Enabled Games allow you to control your communications without clicking
between windows. In-game controls allow for dedicated game play with no distractions.

Dynamic Groups

Dynamic groups provide game developers the maximum flexibility in control of a chat
room. Player groups can be formed on demand from within the game.

Dynamic Channels

Create channels that are private, secure and specific to a group of players. Channels
will be separate (in an exclusive, private and cool way, not in an elitist we hate you way) from the public channels- perfect for safe kids only zones!

Friends List

List your Friends, get stats on them. Are they online now? What are they doing?
Did they get a higher score than you on that game you both play? Are they sick of
you stalking their every move? Only one way to find out- send them a message!


You know, like mailboxes. For your mail. But like online mail. It’s like
e-mail, perhaps you’ve heard of it. But you don’t have to give out a separate email
address. Get all your game related mail in one convenient place- now that’s cool.


Invite your friends to join your clan, get your updates, receive your messages or
even invite strangers to be your friends. Invite at your own risk.

Status Updates

SCOREBOARD! SCOREBOARD! SCOREBOARD! The name says it all- get updates on statuses.
Who got the highest score on Dance Online, who formed a group without you, who is
about to get a message about said group.

G-EAR Commands

The code required to connect your game to the Green-Ear Gaming Network and enable
many amazing features to improve your game’s social capabilities.

G-EAR Playbook

The place where all the G-EAR Commands are kept. Like the Lost Ark, except easy
to understand and for code. I suppose you’d probably call it documentation.


The Green-Ear Software Developer Kit: Everything you need to get started…and finished.
The A to Z kit on all things Green-Ear!

Torque Integration

It’s always easy to write Green-Ear Code into your game. But when you are built
with the Torque Engine… it’s already done. Plug and play. Green-Ear for Torque is
available at Garage Games,

Flash Integration

Oh, yeah. It works for flash, too- You better believe it. The Flash integrated Green-Ear
includes all the general features of Green-Ear as well as ActionScript code that
allows developers to access the FlashGear library. Green-Ear for Flash is available,

Multi-Channel Chat

For when you simply must carry on 32 conversations at the same time. Command your squadron, talk smack behind their backs, stage a coup- it’s all up to you!

Device Control

The ultimate control of where you talk and where you hear…headsets, speakers, Bluetooth. Device flexibility at its finest.

.Wav file Supported Chat

Play any .wav file in a chat. Even set it to play in a loop – Perfect for implementing mood setting background noise or for annoying everyone who is trying to talk to you. “Leeeeeeeeroy Jennnnnnnkins” on a loop, now that’s satisfaction.

Volume Control

The feature that speaks for itself. It changes your tires. Just kidding, it gives you control of the overall incoming audio from voice chats.

Stereo Voice Chat

Individual right and left speaker control. Perfect for players who like to listen.

Individualized Chat Control

Allows you to enable/disable audio play out of the speakers, or from the chat- excellent for implementing Push-to-Talk services and for self empowerment.

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