Green-Ear SDK

The Green-Ear SDK helps you add Green-Ear functionality to your games. There is
no lengthy spec process, in fact, with just a few lines of code you will enable
all the features Green-Ear has to offer right into your game. Socialization in games
is proven to increase profitability and return visits and this is the easiest, fastest
way to add many social features. Connection to the Green-Ear is easy! Any development
system that can manipulate text messages can interact with our network. To use a
particular feature on Green-Ear, just send text commands. These commands are interpreted
by our servers and the feature is invoked, just that easy. We publish all available
commands in the ‘G-EAR Play Book’. With 24/7 monitoring of an easily scalable network,
Green-Ear is uniquely poised to meet the needs of designers.

Green-Ear for Flash Portals

Attract and retain more customers to your flash game site. Green-Ear instantly socializes Flash portals by allowing players to interact with each other on the site, regardless of which Flash game they are playing. Create lobbies for meeting and discussing which games to play, move from game to game seamlessly and maintain public and private chats.

Flash Integration

Now you can get all the voice functionality of Green-Ear and all the versatility
of Flash at your fingertips. Green-Ear Flash integration allows flash applications
running locally in a browser or standalone to access all the Green-Ear features.
Flash developers are provided with ActionScript code that allows them to invoke
functions in Green-Ear network client access library by calling methods of an ActionScript
object called FlashGear.

Torque Integration

Green-Ear is fully integrated into GarageGame’s Torque Game Builder. This means
that any game developed with this engine can be easily Green-Ear enabled without
writing a line of code! Contact GarageGames for more information about their Torque
Game Builder product.

Green-Ear Voice Slots

Our Tier 1, carrier grade voice network is highly scalable, thoroughly redundant
and has state of the art encryption and security. It is hosted in one of the largest,
most robust data centers, that is also the home to such small companies as Google, Yahoo
and many more. In fact 90% of the world’s internet traffic run through the same facility.
Access to the Green-Ear hosted and maintained network is acquired through Voice Slots.
Voice Slots respresent currently connected users on the network. Buy as many or as few
as you need to secure your players have network access for in game communication. One-time
fee, no expiration for the life of the title, no server rental needed..

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